S2 - 30/May to 15/Jul

A space dedicated to contemplating a white wall or use as an excuse to drink or curse the heat of Athens or share popcorn or snacks or wait for the projectionist who sometimes delays or watch black and white movies with Christmas lights or perhaps above all to share the cinema we are so passionate about.

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The Modernist. Hotels, 2024

Momemtum Architectonics. Architecture Studio, 2023

Vernolin Defteros. Custom Made solutions for Engineered & Natural Stone, 2024

CTRLZAK, Art & Design Studio, 2022

Loculus Design Architecture Studio. 2022

'Olvia. Luxury Villas, 2023

Marmyk Iliopoulos. Marble Quarrying, 2022

ILD, Interactive Light Design. 2023

The Heritage by Hellenic Properties. 2022

AUG 2021 - MAY 2024

Creative Direction:
Post—Spectacular Office

Web Design, UI/UX Design


A selection of website designs under the creative direction of P—SO. My experience started exploring the possibilities offered by Adobe XD and then migrated to Figma for its benefits and constant updates.