I am a self-taught graphic designer and self-described musician from Lima, Perú based in Athens. Due to an independent education of formal institutions and based mainly on old manuals and distance courses, I find myself in a constant search for methodologies and creative processes. I am currently experimenting in the field of strategic graphic design that involves creative dynamics during the process of pre- and post-conceptualization.

           The projects selected here try to show a comparison between the different presentations that project after project has been changing. That is why I have uploaded to Issuu the presentation files that explain in more detail the different procedures in the different projects. In case you want to see it in full detail please write me an email and I will answer you as soon as possible.
            Be sunflower.

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KAFEINI WAKE-UP PLACE - Visual Identity, Editorial Design

NOV 2017
RedGrass Design & Printing
Art Direction, RG_1744

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Kafeini is a coffee shop specialized in express coffee with dedication a priori to offer the best coffee, the best consumption experience (anti-dogmatic), at the best price. The store is located at Char. Trikoupi street, 110; in the center of Athens. It borders the area of Exarcheia, a neighborhood famous for the resistance and activism of numerous Greek anarchists, socialists and anti-fascists in the 80s. The main characteristic of the store is the alternative in which it provides an experience in the consumption of coffee acclimatized by the diffusion of counter-cultural thought.
The objectives of the store are to approach the public in a fraternal way, always spreading the thought against the dogmas imposed in the society and giving the best coffee for the awakening of the current situation.