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A space dedicated to contemplating a white wall or use as an excuse to drink or curse the heat of Athens or share popcorn or snacks or wait for the projectionist who sometimes delays or watch black and white movies with Christmas lights or perhaps above all to share the cinema we are so passionate about.

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FINE MATERIALS - Visual Identity, Brand Strategy

JUL 2019
TheRedGrass Design Studio
Art Direction, TRG_1924

Fine Materials - Presentation of proposal A & B - Stage 2

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FINE MATERIALS - Visual Identity, Brand Strategy

FineMaterials is the official distributor in Greece of the most prestigious international brands of luxurious worktops (solid, ceramic and quartz), of exclusive and paternalistic contact with designers and manufacturers, maintaining solidly its modernist vision, which has already changed the market in a fairness and integrity way. It is the dynamic bridge between technologic and artisan, materialistic and humanistic, raw and refined, which always provides innovations, quality and concrete solutions (discover, sell and support).
FineMaterials is the avant-garde door that takes us to everything that can still be done (diseño - sueño).

A graphic proposal based on the bridge between raw materials and finished products, between large companies and construction companies.