A graphic designer and self-described musician from Lima, Perú based in Athens. Due to an independent education of formal institutions and based mainly on old manuals and distance courses, I find myself in a constant search for methodologies and creative processes. I am currently experimenting in the field of strategic graphic design that involves creative dynamics during the process of pre- and post-conceptualization.

           The projects selected from 2017 - 2020, try to show a comparison between the different presentations that project after project has been changing. That is why I have uploaded to Issuu the presentation files that explain in more detail the different procedures in the different projects.


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DHARMA TRAVEL - Visual Identity

JUL 2020
Albert-Span Studio
Art Direction, AS_2009

Dharma - Presentation of graphic proposals - Stage 1

Dharma - Presentation of proposal E - Stage 2

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DHARMA TRAVEL - Visual Identity 

A graphic system made for Dharma, a B2B travel agency that organizes group retreats for yoga teachers, meditation gurus, fitness studios and lifestyle brands. We were asked to design a brand identity that synthesizes their values, an expensive, international, exclusive and organic brand. Part of the proposal was to symbolize the waves and the sun in a soft way. We found the waves very interesting as an element of calm, but also as a metaphor for the journey. We began to design the waves of the sea as an element that embraces the sun. Part of the brand strategy from the beginning was to use the door/arch symbol, which represents many values related to the brand.